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Mini Motor of Only Three Parts

A small and simple motor that children age 10 and older can assemble
Author: Jaroslav Kavalir, Pruhonice, Czech Republic
Project 86 - Online since: 07/05/2008, Number of visits: 115078
I am sending you the instructions for building a small motor, which you can construct with few parts and which can be used to teach children about electromagnetism in a simple way. It's actually nothing new.
You will need:
  • A flat, square battery
  • Standard coated copper wire (approx. 1 mm in diameter)
  • A bit of sand paper
  • Pliers

Wind the copper wire into a spool with 30 to 40 coils. Allow the two ends to extend in an axis left and right from the center of the spool at a 90 degree angle. Fix the coils in place with glue or a bit of thread.
Now place the spool flat and sand the top side of each wire axis until the copper core is free of lacquer. The bottom of the two wire ends, however, should remain lacquered.
Bend the feather contacts on the battery with a plier until both of the wire ends lie in contact with them. The spool should not rest on the battery but on the feather contacts and should be able to move freely.
Now hold a small super magnet like the W-05-G cube close to the spool. Give the axis a small push to get it started and you'll see how the whole thing suddenly begins to spin like crazy!

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