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I was very happy about the delivery of my magnets and I could be creative right away.
The base for my picture chain are photo slats Flux-Stripes that I put up next to each other.
For the chains I only needed a bunch of cube magnets.

For each picture you need two cube magnets on the front and on the back side.
Attaching them can be a little tricky; the best way is to put the pictures on the table and to slowly merge the magnets with both hands.

The amount of pictures is only limited by the length of the wall since the magnets are very strong.

With the unused cube magnets I created this decoration element that I also attached to the photo slats.

I also figured out that four cubes make an extremely simple photo stand for the office desk.

FYI: Meanwhile, I figured out that also flat cube magnets of the Q-05-05-01-HN type are suitable for such chains. They are a little more unobtrusive than the cube magnets and still have enough adhesive force.

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