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  • Pot magnets - super-strong adhesive force

Pot magnets - super-strong adhesive force

Strong, compact and flexible. Those are the quality features of our pot magnets that allow you to use them at work or at home as well as in industry and craft, in schools and universities or for hobby and leisure. We offer you different styles, so you can select the magnet that is right for your needs.
  • Strong neodymium magnet
  • Increased adhesive force through embedding in a steel pot
  • Flat design
  • Versatile use

Countersunk pot magnets
For fastening with a countersunk screw..

Pot magnets with cylindrical borehole
For fastening with a regular screw.

Hook magnets neodymium: strong & practical
Hook magnets for hanging up objects.

Hook magnets white neodymium
Hook magnets for discreet fastening.

Eyelet magnets neodymium
Eyelet magnets for fastening objects.

Eyelet magnets white neodymium
Eyelet magnets for discreet fastening.

Pot magnets with threaded stem
Magnets with steel pot and threaded stem

Glue-in pot magnets
Cup magnet for glueing instead of screwing.

Pot magnets with internal thread
Can be screwed together with objects with external thread.

Pot magnets with internal screw thread and rubber coat
Protect delicate surfaces from scratches.

Pot magnets with ferrite magnets
Suitable for outdoor use.

Pot magnet accessories: Screw-on bases
Screw-on counterparts to magnets.

Pot magnet accessories: Self-adhesive bases
Are glued onto smooth surfaces.

Pot magnet accessories: Rubber caps
Protection for delicate surfaces.

Versatile cup magnets

Cup magnet, mounting magnet, fastening magnet or pot magnet - there are just as many different applications as names for them, thanks to their outstanding strength: The alloy containing neodymium, iron and boron makes them powerful super magnets. In order to increase their adhesive force even more, they are embedded in a steel pot, which leads the magnetic power concentrated into the surface.
If pot magnets are in direct contact with a counterpart they develop their full strength, which is significantly higher than those of common magnets. At the same time, this allows for a flat design.
Due to their super-strong adhesive force and easy attachment with threaded stem, borehole or glueing, they are the ideal solution for temporary or long-term mounting or holding.

Applications of pot magnets

  • Metal construction
  • Booth and store construction
  • Plant construction
  • School, training & studies
  • Hobby & leisure
Let the application examples of our satisfied customers convince you of the multi-functionality of pot magnets.
In our web shop we carry pot magnets in various sizes, styles and with different adhesive forces from 1,3 to 130 kg for all your needs. Benefit from our scaled prices for larger order volumes and contact us for rebates on large orders. Believe us, once you have tried our super-strong magnets, you will come up with a number of ways to use them.