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Airbrush aid

Magnets hold the different stencils in place
Author: Anonymous
Online since: 26/08/2011, Number of visits: 88281
My airbrush work is made much easier by your tiny yet very strong magnets: My templates/stencils are held in the right spot leading to much better results.
Today, I want to airbrush the lady in the picture with the help of my new magnets. First, I use rod magnets 14 x 5 mm to attach the template to my workstation made of galvanised sheet steel.
Here you can see my workstation.
The template was copied with the help of masking film and transferred to the airbrush paper. Next, the most important features such as the hair, top and face etc. were cut out with the scalpel. Here, some details, such as hair, the top and the stars, have already been airbrushed in black. Less paint was used on the light areas.
Depending on the hue, each detail has to be removed before airbrushing and needs to be replaced afterwards, which requires a lot of patience and accuracy. Here you can see that I also hold the template in place with small W-05-N cube magnets.
The individual stencils are pressed back onto the paper with a rubber roller.
Here is a selection of my acrylic paints. I mix most of them myself.
After the black paint has been applied, I mix the paint for the skin areas ...
... and spray it on.
The same for the banner in blue.
Here you can see the template for the hair. In addition, the reflections of light must be applied in white, e.g. on the hair.
Now I completely cover everything again and create a soft background in light blue.
Afterwards, I reveal the picture for the first time. The really detailed work is only starting now: Painting on all the contours with polychromos pencils takes a lot of time.
Lastly, small points of light are scratched out of the eyes with the scalpel, and the finished picture slowly emerges.
In closing, I would like to thank the staff at supermagnete for the good and friendly shipping service.

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