Attach fairy lights

All without drilling
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
The summer months invite you to spend the evenings on the balcony or terrace. In order to not having to sit in the dark, fairy lights are the perfect cosy light source. Below we show you a simple solution for fastening chains of lights.
If you have metal braces or metal posts on your balcony or terrace, you can easily attach the fairy lights to them with Hook magnets neodymium: strong & practical. Attach the magnetic hooks to the ferromagnetic surface at the desired distance and then place the chain of lights on the hooks as desired. A clever solution that does not require drilling, nails or adhesive tape.
TIP: An alternative to magnetic hooks is the adhesive putty Sugru. Form hooks with it and then attach them to the desired surface (plastic, wood, stone, etc.). Once the putty has dried, you can attach the chain of lights to the Sugru hooks.
Safety instructions:
In stormy weather the fairy lights could detach from the hooks and get damaged. For safety reasons we therefore advise you to remove the fairy lights in such situations.
Neodymium magnets are not really suitable for long-term outdoor use, as they begin to rust and lose their magnetization. However, you can make neodymium magnets weather-proof with rust protection paint or transparent lacquer.
By the way: surfaces can be protected from scratches by putting rubber caps on the lower side of the magnets.

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