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Attaching brush to hoover

Have the brush handy during hoovering
Author: Martin G., München, Germany
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Idea: Attach a brush to the hoover pole

A brush is a handy companion for the hoover when it comes to cleaning dusty areas. The brush gently removes the dust and the hoover sucks it up.
This method works well at home but also for cleaning tools. Unfortunately, my hoover doesn't have a place to attach a brush.

Solution: Attach it to the hoover pole

I found an area where I can attach a brush with magnets - the steel pole. In order to keep the brush in place during hoovering, I secured it with two strong magnets, which works great.

Material needed

In addition, if the pole is not magnetic:
2 metal discs to screw or glue on as a counterpart (link below)

Construction manual "Magnetise a brush"

The top magnet was fastened with a countersunk screw, a nut, and a washer to the preexisting hole of the brush.
On the bottom side, I drilled a hole into the plastic and applied some adhesive, which secures the screw on the brush. If you drill the hole in the right size (slightly smaller than the thread of the screw) you can do without the superglue.