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Attaching number to jersey

Finally a solution that preserves the expensive sports shirts!
Author: Marvin Sturm, Vöhringen, Germany
Online since: 16/10/2008, Number of visits: 239036
Certainly you know the numbers that have to be attached to the upper body of marathon runners. If you have ever participated in a marathon, you probably also had this problem: You have a nice shirt, maybe with the print of your club on it, and then you have to attach the number with safety pins. And before you know it you have holes in your new shirt.
But not with super magnets.
Just put two super magnets in each corner, one on the inside of your shirt and one on the outside respectively. And it stays there. Once you passed the finish line, you can just take off the magnets without leaving annoying holes. Ideal for running: The small S-06-02-N-disc magnets are extremely light, so you definitely make it to the finish line.