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Catching drill chips

Drill filings cling to the magnet - and nothing else
Author: Jose R. Montes, Alcorcón, Spain
Online since: 09/09/2010, Number of visits: 291016
Do you know this problem? You are drilling into a piece of iron or metal and the filings fly everywhere. That’s not only annoying but also dangerous. The filings can get into your eyes or cause injuries to your hands. In future, you can avoid all of this with a simple trick.
All you need is a supermagnet. Put it on top of the iron/metal workpiece, close to the spot where you want to drill. The filings will be attracted to the magnet and will stick to it. In the picture, you can see a disc magnet S-10-10-N, completely covered in iron filings.
Please note: To better illustrate I didn't wrap the magnets. However, I recommend putting the magnets in a small plastic bag or wrapping them tightly in plastic or paper. This will make it easier to remove the filings from the magnet.
In this picture: A R-27-16-05-N ring magnet completely covered in filings.
Note from the supermagnete team:
If the iron filings adhere too strongly to the magnet, we recommend the application Remove iron filings from magnets.