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Christmas decoration on magnetic paint

Hanging up festive decoration without traces
Author: Beatrix Eisenwagner, Theresienfeld, Austria
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Festive door decoration

I was tired of attaching Christmas decoration with pins and nails on the wall year after year and then having to fill the holes again in January.
The solution was to apply magnetic paint approx. 20 cm around the arch above our door and then paint over it with the regular wall paint.
I used green florist wire to tie gold-plated ring magnets to the Christmas garland. To increase the holding strength of the ring magnets, I attached thin disc magnets to the wall. Due to their larger contact surface they adhere even better.
Consequently, the Christmas decoration is quickly put up and after the holidays just as quickly removed again without a trace.
Here, the magnetic paint was applied above the window. This solution works for all sorts of seasonal decoration of door and window frames.