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Clamping unit for saw blades

How to adjust saw blades without special tools
Author: Gerard Buiten, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Online since: 15/07/2008, Number of visits: 294608
I recently bought cheap circular saw blades on the Internet. Unfortunately, I had to enlarge the dimension between the axes on all those blades to serve my purpose.
Since wood and metal turning is my hobby, I had the idea to use your super magnets to clamp the saw blades into the turning lathe. This way, I could abstain from making a complicated tool.
Instead of a complicated counterplate, I used a simple round metal disk that normally is used for screwing on wooden objects and then clamping the whole thing into a three-jaw chuck.
On this disk I placed 18 of your ring magnets R-15-06-06-N at regular intervals.
I roughly pre-centred the saw blade that needed turning with the machine and then I advanced it towards the magnets: Snatch! Then I moved the chisel very close to the idle saw blade and administered the fine alignment by eye with a small log.
You cannot set up a very high rotation speed for the turning, but it worked fine!

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