Cleaning glass sphere

Tenacious algae inside glass require tough measures
Author: Ralf Knapp, Leverkusen, Germany
Recently, I tried to get rid of the algae inside the glass spheres that help water the flowers.
Inspired by the application Cleaning bottle and hydration pack, I wanted to use magnets to get inside the spheres. Unfortunately, algae not only stick to glass like crazy, they are also very slippery. Due to the small opening I used a small magnet wrapped in a cloth, which was not effective in cleaning the algae.
Then I had the idea of making a mini stainless steel sponge that can scrub off the algae.
Note from the supermagnete team: Similar applications are Lab aides, Cleaning the aquarium and Cleaning the kitchen drain.

Material needed:

I cut off a single long wire from a stainless steel sponge and tied it around the small ring magnet. The rest of the wire I wrapped around the magnet.
To keep the wire ball in place and protect the magnet from corrosion, I dipped it into the adhesive.
Note from the supermagnete team: Most likely, the ring magnet will start to rust and lose its magnetisation eventually, despite the adhesive. Therefore, you'll need to replace the ring magnet from time to time.
Now, I can put the mini stainless steel sponge into the glass sphere, along with some water, and move it from the outside with a disc magnet. A cloth protects the glass from scratches from the big magnet. The glass on the inside won't scratch if you put some water in the sphere.
Steel wool itself is a little magnetic. Maybe this application also works with only steel wool on the inside and a magnet on the outside. But a small magnet on the inside definitely enhances the surface pressure.

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