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Create your own magnets

There are almost no limits to your creative ideas for decorative magnets
Author: R. E., Laupen (ZH), Switzerland
Online since: 27/11/2008, Number of visits: 740233
Even though supermagnete.de does offer a nice selection of decorative magnets, do you still want to make your own; either for yourself or as a special gift for your friends? Here are some ideas I came up with over time. You can use them to create variety and colour on your magnetic board.
On a technical note:
  • I used UHU MAX REPAIR adhesive.
  • It is best to slightly roughen the objects with sandpaper or on a grinding disc. This makes it easier to glue them onto the magnets.
  • Let the glue dry well before you put the magnets on the board!
I used disc magnets 15 x 3mm for most of my DIY magnets. With almost 3 kg adhesive force they can hold a lot of paper, but you can still pull them off the board without having to resort to bodybuilding supplements. For small objects, disc magnets 10 x 2 mm work well. And for very big holders, block magnets 20x20x3mm proved to be a good choice. Take a look at the objects below and let yourself be inspired to create your own unique magnets.
Marbles of various sizes and colours, which used to make children's hearts beat faster, now enjoy their "retirement" on the magnetic board.
Coins from bygone times or far away countries: These too can have a purpose again, thanks to magnets. To be able to get a better grip on them, I glued a thick washer between the disc magnet and the coin.
What to do with those beautiful shells from the beach? Glue them to magnets and create a practical holiday souvenir. These homemade magnets bring a touch of holiday feeling into your everyday life.
If you can't drop the gambling habit: These dice alway get you a high number (as long as there is an iron sheet underneath).

Arts and crafts tip

Pictures and drawings on paper or cardboard are great for attaching to self-adhesive magnets. The same goes for lightweight objects such as buttons, bottle caps, origami animals etc. Make sure to press the chosen object firmly onto the adhesive side of the magnet. Let the adhesive dry and your homemade magnets will be ready for their first use. We recommend a drying time of 72 hours.
Please note: A magnet has only about 15% of its full force available when attached to vertical surfaces such as refrigerators or magnetic boards. This is commonly known as holding strength. It is best if you keep this in mind before you start your craft project to avoid any disappointment afterwards. You can find more information on our FAQ page about holding strength.

In our handicraft guide, you will find many more useful tips and tricks for making your own magnets.

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