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Creating a unique photo wall

Musical-style magnetic picture wall
Author: Christian, Obfelden
Online since: 08/08/2022, Number of visits: 22066
I wanted to create a photo wall to liven up the sitting room, as well as for all the memories of concerts and trips. In my mind, I was picturing a musical-style photo wall. My goal was to create the photo wall in such a way that I could attach the photos to the staves. Wooden shutters, for which I created a burnt wood effect myself, served as the frame for my magnetic picture wall. When I came across the ferrous tapes at supermagnete.de, I knew I had found the solution. For my project, I chose the self-adhesive ferrous tape 25 m x 10 mm in black. The ferrous tape had an ideal width of 1 cm.

The frame

As a first step, I mounted the individual parts for the photo wall frame with screw anchors. However, at this point, I didn’t fully fasten the wooden slats to the wall but left them slightly loose. This would allow me to tuck the ends under the loosened wooden slats when I attached the design to the photo wall later. It also provided a firmer hold for the ferrous tape. To finish, I screwed the frame of the photo wall down. After the frame was mounted, I wiped the wallpaper with a damp cloth and a tiny amount of washing-up liquid.

Creating staves from ferromagnetic tape

After the wall had dried, I began to design the photo wall. That’s when the ferrous tape for the staves came into play. Estimating the length, I cut the strips from the roll with a carpet knife. That worked well, but you could also cut it with a pair of small cutting pliers.

To attach them, I simply used a plastic scraper to press down on the ferrous tape while peeling off the protective film with the other hand. From the rest of the ferrous tape, I cut smaller pieces that I glued on vertically. This little detail completed the staves. The end result looks great. My tip: To get perfectly straight lines, an additional helper and a straight edge as a guide would certainly be helpful.
My sitting room wall has wallpaper with an uneven surface, similar to plaster. So, I repeatedly pressed down on the ferrous tape for several days afterwards. After the first day, it slightly came off in two or three places, but it has held up ever since. A smooth surface would be recommended.
Note from the supermagnete team: Ferrous tapes and magnetic tapes adhere better on smooth surfaces. In addition, a textured surface also reduces the adhesive force of magnets. You can find more information on our FAQ page about adhesive force factors.

Attaching photos and pictures with magnets

I wanted to hang cards, photos, guitar picks etc. on my magnetic photo wall. For that, I was looking for discreet disc magnets. At supermagnete, I found a large selection of these small round magnets in various strengths. They are inconspicuous and, as a result, don’t distract from the overall appearance.
For pictures and cards, I used S-04-1.5-N disc magnets. To attach the slightly thicker guitar picks (plectra) to the staves, I used rod magnets type S-05-08-N. And with that, my eye-catching feature was complete!

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