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DIY Tonie shelf with magnets

Storage solution for Tonies
Author: Wolfram Herzog, holzundleim.de, Oedheim
Online since: 03/02/2020, Number of visits: 127995
Tonies are small colourful figures that can be put on top of a music box to play children’s stories. Thanks to integrated magnets they stand securely on top of the box, which is also known as a Tonie box. These figurines are gaining more and more popularity in German-speaking areas and some children already have large Tonie collections at home.

A do-it-yourself shelf for Tonies restores order in the kid’s room. And if it is as decorative as the shelf made by Wolfram Herzog of holzundleim.de, it will be great as a gift for the little ones. Each Tonie figure has its place on the shelf and will not topple over thanks to the super magnets embedded in the wood.
For the DIY Tonie shelf you will need:
  • Textured coated board
  • Beechwood plank
  • 10 x 3 mm disc magnets
  • Hard wax oil
  • Superglue
  • SPAX screws
  • Wall plugs for mounting
  • Hand-held circular saw, circular table saw or jigsaw
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Router
  • Drill

You can find detailed specifications and exact measurements for the Tonie shelf at https://www.holzundleim.de/2020/01/wir-bauen-ein-tonie-regal/ (albeit only in German).
First, cut the textured coated board and the wooden planks to size and round the edges with a router. Next, drill holes in the wooden planks so the magnets can be countersunk and will sit flush. Now sand the wooden plank pieces and treat them with hard wax oil.
Afterwards, it is time for assembling the Tonie shelf. To do that, screw the wooden planks onto the textured coated board. The specific steps are described at holzundleim.de (in German). After everything has been screwed together, use a dab of superglue and push the magnets into the predrilled holes. The home-made Tonie shelf can now be mounted on the wall with countersunk screws and wall plugs.
And finally, all that is left is for the Tonies to move into their new home. We here at supermagnete think: A truly successful DIY project for storing Tonies!

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