Decorated magnets

There are almost no limits to your ideas for decorated magnets
Author: R. E., Laupen (ZH), Switzerland offers a nice selection of decorative magnets, but maybe you want to make your own - for yourself or as a special gift for friends?
Here are some ideas that I realised over time. You can diversify your magnetic board and make it colourful.
On a technical note:
  • I used the adhesive UHU MAX REPAIR.
  • I recommend roughening the objects with sand paper or on a grinding disc. That way you can better glue them onto the magnets.
  • Let the glue dry well before you put the magnets on the board!
For most of my creations I use the disc magnets 15 x 3mm. With almost 3 kg adhesive force they can hold a lot of paper, but you can still get them off the board without bodybuilding supplements. For small objects disc magnets 10 x 2 mm work well.
For big holders, the block magnets 20x20x3mm proved to be good.
Marbles of various sizes and colours, which used to make children's hearts beat faster, now enjoy their "retirement" on the magnetic board.
You can get those cheap in arts & crafts stores: Glass stones in all colours. Usually, I glue them onto a W-05-N.
You definitely improve your magnetic board with those: Minerals and gems - this time not in a display case.
Yellow quartz and amethyst from Brazil, malachite from the Congo, fluorite octahedron from Mexico, aragonite from China (from left to right).
Garnet from South Africa, carnelian from Madagascar, quartz pyramid from Switzerland, agate from Brazil, sandstone from the USA, tiger's eye from Namibia (from left to right).
Ores also work well: Pyrite step from Elba, hematite from China, pyrite cube from Spain, copper nugget from the USA (from left to right)
Totally free and still decorative: Caps from household tubes (e.g. mayo, mustard, etc.). A small contribution towards waste reduction.
Whole hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts or other hard-shell seeds. Not really an in-between snack - but definitely suitable for holding recipes.
Coins from times long gone or far away countries: Also those render a service again. (To be able to get a better grasp on them, I glued a thick washer between the magnet and the coin).
The old porcelain register knobs from a discarded reed organ almost make my magnetic board "jingle".
Once, they populated the primal oceans: Snail, ammonite, shell (left: pyritized), belemnite (right) - ages later they hold our notes. Available in mineral stores.
Where do you put the beautiful shells from the beach? Of course, on some super magnets - that makes for a hint of vacation spirit during everyday life.
If you can't drop the gambling habit: These dice alway get you a high number (as long as there is an iron sheet underneath).
If the teddy bear dissolves - his eyes still watch over important notes.
Please don't take apart your child's beloved teddy: You can get such eyes also in arts & crafts stores - like the one in the picture.
We "nail" important appointments with this hand-forged 150 year old nail head.
I found this tiny porcelain picture frame in a thrift shop. I attached a Q-20-20-03-N, and now it even holds thick packs of paper and documents.

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