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Decorative cookie cutters

Christmas atmosphere with little effort
Author: Anonymous
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During the advent season, when we were done baking cookies, we had the idea to hang the cookie cutters onto the curtain rail. We used nickel-plated magnetic spheres K-05-N - other magnetic spheres (K-05-C or K-06-C) would work too.
We tried several variations:
1. Hanging up individual cookie cutters. (Decorative storage to keep cutters handy if you want to bake another round of cookies.)
2. Creating a cookie cutter chain.
3. A smaller cutter goes into a larger one, held in place by magnets, attached to rail as mentioned above (see picture below).
Attention: Unsupervised children must not be able to reach the curtain rail and the rail must be able to support the weight of the cutters.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Nowadays, many cookie cutters are made of non-magnetic stainless steel. Test the cutters with a magnet before purchasing them to avoid disappointments.