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Desk "Base"

Thanks to a magnetic solution, the heavy steel base can be removed from the desk
Author: Christopher Linke, Freising, Germany
Online since: 13/01/2015, Number of visits: 145509
Here is my masterpiece from my 3rd master semester in the School for Wood Design in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Wood types: Maple (solid wood), European Walnut (solid wood)
Since I plan to become a self-employed master joiner in the future, I wanted the examination piece to be an eyecatcher and exhibit.

Special desk feature

The "base" of all office work happens at the desk. The name "Base" also refers to the type of furniture regarding the shape with its onesided main pillar and the self-supporting table top.
For this to work, I hid 200 kg of steel plates behind a 100 mm high foot to allow for a load of at least 50 kg on the self-supporting side.
I cannot transport my desk (net weight approx. 70 kg plus 200 kg stainless steel) in one go. Therefore, the back part of the base can be removed so it can be transported separately. In order to preserve a sleek design, I did not want to have external mounting.

Solution with magnets

In order to be able to move the desk, the back cover can be removed. The weights are manageable and may be removed individually (for transport for instance).
Small rod magnets S-03-06-N keep the door on the backside closed. Two of the three sides of the base are connected to the body. The base on the back is fastened with two magnets per corner and may be removed by pressing on the top right corner. The following pictures illustrate the concept.

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