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Fastening blinds

How to reliably shade a window niche
Author: Mikko Lampila, Tampere
Online since: 21/01/2010, Number of visits: 454049
Table of Contents

Dormer blinds without drilling holes

My application with your magnets is very practical. It allows me to attach a roller blind to a dormer window without having to drill holes. Now I can reliably darken my bedroom in the summer, which is badly needed in Finland with its midnight sun.
The bedroom window is situated in a niche and there is no room for blinds directly in front of it. That's why the blinds are attached to the roof slope and could only be pulled downwards. The window could not be totally shaded, which made sleeping in the summer difficult.
I glued 9 S-05-02-N52N disc magnets to the bottom edge of the blinds. I left a space of 2 cm on both ends and glued the magnets about 15 cm apart from each other.
Then, I glued 9 identical disc magnets at the same distance to the bottom edge of the windowsill. In the picture, you can see the windowsill from below.
It is important to attach the magnets the right way so that they are attracted to the ones on the blinds and not being repelled by them. You also have to clean the surfaces well and use a strong glue, for instance, UHU MAX REPAIR.
This way, I can fasten the blinds on the windowsill and shade the bedroom all the way.

Note from the Supermagnete team: Similar applications are the projects Curtains for yacht & sun protection and Attaching a car curtain.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Instead of additional magnets, you could also glue self-adhesive metal tape to the lower edge. Then you don't have to worry about glueing the counter magnets on exactly.

Blinds underneath the blind box

Addition from customer Nico, Savoie (France):
We wanted to put up blinds to cover our kitchen window. But there was little space under the roller shutter casing, so we had to find a removable solution in order to be able to use the blinds also when the window was open.
I inserted two CSN-25 pot magnets into the mounting piece of the blinds. The magnets are attached to one piece of wood each.
Note from the supermagnete team: Instead of the pot magnets you can also use round or rectangular screw-on magnets.
I screwed 4 small metal plates MC-40-20-03 under the roller shutter casing, which the blinds will attach to. The two front plates will be used when the window is closed and the back two when the window is open.
When the window is open, the blinds will be moved to the back and hang between the window frame and the open window. This way, the blinds cover the whole window space even when the window is open.

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