Floating sphere (Levitron)

Thanks to clever regulation, the sphere keeps hanging in the balance
Author: bis0uhr, Germany, bis0uhr@gmx.at
Here I present a suspension device in which a K-19-C magnetic sphere levitates.
The electronics are in the pedestal and on top is an electromagnet with sensor (SS495A).
The voltage supply comes from an external power supply unit with 15V direct current.
You can find detailed information on my homepage.

The functional principle:

An electromagnet (coil) is turned on. The magnetic sphere gravitates towards it. When the sphere gets near the magnet sensor (Hall sensor), the sensor reacts and turns off the electromagnet. In the following, the sphere descends again. The magnet sensor then turns the electromagnet on again and the cycle starts anew. This happens approx. 70 times per second (depending on the distance and the weight of the magnet). That's how the magnet levitates.
Circuit diagram

Material and details:

The coil (electromagnet) is the heart of the Levitron.
A view on the inside: The electromagnet with magnetic field sensor and ring magnet in the aluminium socket (left). On the right the circuit board.
View inside the socket: The Hall sensor is fastened in the tip of the socket with a rubber disc.
Here you can see the aluminium base plate with a 99 mm diameter and the two brass bearers.
View from below: Here is room for the electronics on the breadboard plate. The cables for supplying the cupola go through the boreholes.
Grooves in the brass bearers (6 mm deep, 2 mm wide) to hide the cables that run upwards.
The circuit board was fastened from below with four M3 screws.


The cupola with the coil and the sensor is only lodged between the brass bearers. An o-ring (black) provides additional stability. The Hall sensor SS495 is situated in the small "bump" below. The cupola is closed with an aluminium lid.
Below: Also playmobil character Bernd has fun with the Levitron.
This installation looks especially nice in the backyard

Note from the supermagnete team: Other beautiful levitating objects can be found in the project Liquid Levitation Sculptures.

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