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Frame presentation and closure

New presentations and closure options thanks to super magnets
Author: Bruno Hostettler, Art-Shop & Einrahmungen, Weinfelden, Switzerland, [email protected]
Online since: 07/07/2010, Number of visits: 146253
Table of Contents
In my frame and restoration shop, your magnets are being used two different ways that I'd like to share.

Presentation of sample frame corners and passepartouts

In the framing business, customer service and presentation are the most important factors and therefore we are always looking for better solutions.
Normally, sample frame corners and passepartouts are presented flat on the table, and the frame collection is hung up on a sample wall. When we redesigned our shop, we thought about how to improve the presentation of our frame samples. We decided to exhibit the frame samples along the wall.
An overview of the whole collection of sample corner brackets
An overview of the whole collection of sample corner brackets
First, I mounted a zinc-plated 1-mm thick iron board on the wall. Alternatively, you could also paint the wall with magnetic paint.

Then, the magic magnets were put to use. Depending on the size and weight of the wooden frames, magnets of the types S-10-01-N, S-20-02-N, S-06-02-N or Q-15-15-03-N (for broad and heavy frames) were glued to the samples.
The adhesive needed ample time to dry, after which the frame samples could be arranged on the iron board or the magnetic paint on the wall.
This way, the whole collection can be presented nicely on the wall.
To ensure the best consulting, we had a special consulting table built that can be folded into a vertical position if needed (see photo). On the bottom side of the table, there is a white iron-coated Formica board. The frame samples adhere nicely to this plate.
For a better presentation, also the passe-partout sample corner brackets (= paper or cardboard picture frames) received magnets. Since they are very light, small and thin magnets were sufficient, e.g. self-adhesive disc magnets type S-08-0.75-STIC.
Now, it is easy to place different frame corners and passepartouts around the picture.
The customer immediately gets an idea of how the framed picture will look on the wall. Our customers love this idea and it helps with our sales.

Magnetic closures for valuable wooden frames

As a specialty store for framing and restorations, we often receive orders where something needs to be displayed in glass cabinets or picture frames.
When you have a very thin frame or a valuable jewel case, you cannot work with regular magnetic closures. They would be too conspicuous due to their size and complicated to integrate.
A magnetic closure can be easily built with disc magnets S-10-01-N (or also S-20-02-N for wider frames).
According to the dimensions of the disc magnets (here 10 mm diameter, 1 mm height), drill an approx. 1,5 mm deep hole with a wood drill. The hole needs to be a tad deeper than the thickness of the magnet to leave room for the adhesive.
Now you can glue the magnets with waterproof wood glue into the hole. Wood glue has the advantage that overflowing glue can be removed with a wet sponge and once dry it is almost invisible. Superglue or other adhesives are not recommended for this application.
In this case of a table display case, four holes were drilled into the frame of the lid and the case respectively and a total of 8 S-10-01-N were embedded. These eight magnets help close the display case flush.

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