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Hanging up pan lids

Fastening pan lids to the inside of kitchen cabinet
Author: Cristina Massari, Repubblica di San Marino, Italy
Online since: 26/03/2012, Number of visits: 222050
Pan lids are always in the way. I wanted to find a storage solution that is visually appealing and space-saving. Then I thought of magnets:
I attached stripes of adhesive tape every 4 cm horizontally and vertically to the inside of my kitchen cabinet door. Then I glued a S-10-01-STIC in each space between the stripes. All in all, I used 174 magnets. I left a hole in the middle.
Thereafter, I removed the adhesive tape stripes again. Below you can see the nice pattern of magnets that remained.
Now I can save space by hanging up my pan lids on the inside of the cabinet door. Not only is this a simple solution, it is also a real eye-catcher.
To avoid disappointments, check beforehand if your lids are magnetic. Glass lids and heavy cast iron lids still have to be stored in the cabinet somewhere.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Depending on the structure of your kitchen cabinets you can also use suction cup magnets (link below). The pan lids can't be too heavy, though. On the other hand, this solution can be easily removed if necessary.