Installing a fly screen

A one-time effort - thereafter, putting up a fly screen is a breeze
Author: Thomas Hennemann, Harsum, Germany
Every year it's the same story with these annoying fly screens on the windows. Everyone needs them but the process of getting them into or out of the window with the sticky Velcro strip brought me nearly to despair!
Initial remedy from the hardware store: aluminum window frames (not exactly cheap) which can be adjusted to the size of the window. Unfortunately: mounting the frames is done with cheap plastic clips which not only damage the window seal but don't even hold well. Once again despair!
My idea: use a few super magnets instead to make the application and removal of the screens in Spring and Fall a fast and simple project.
I purchased a standard fly screen (in my case from Windhager) at the hardware store. If the window-frame magnets are countersunk, they won't be a problem when cleaning and still offer adequate hold in a limited amount of space.
Disc magnet, drill, and cube magnet
Disc magnet, drill, and cube magnet
You then will need only 4 S-15-08-N disc magnets for the window frame and 4 Q-15-15-08-N cube magnets for the fly screen.
To drill the holes in the window frame, you will also need a 15mm countersinking drill without a point (to ensure that you don't mistakenly drill clear through the window frame).
Measure the thickness of the window frame and drill your holes accordingly, but be careful not to drill clear through! In my case, the magnets will be a mere 5mm from each other when the fly screen is mounted.
Place the S-15-08-N in the four holes (they are hardly visible).
Check the polarisation from the outside of the frame to ensure that the magnets in the window frame will attract to the magnets in the fly screen frame. (It will look rather silly and be very ineffective if the fly screen is pushed away from the window frame by a magnet facing the wrong direction ;-) ) Then measure the size of the fly screen frame and cut the pieces accordingly.
Insert a piece of foam (in this case foam rubber) into each end of the horizontal frame pieces. This limits the space in which the magnet can move inside the frame.
Then insert the magnet. The magnet should be able to move flexibly within it's defined space so that it can position itself correctly when the fly screen is mounted. Finish constructing the fly screen.
Hold the fly screen in front of the window. You will hear how the magnets slide into position and hold the screen in place.
Once constrcted, you'll never have a problem again with mounting or removing your fly screens.
When my "government" gives the order: "The fly screens need to be put on!", only 5 minutes later I'm once again in my garden chair enjoying a cigarette :-) .

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