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Invasion of the Magnetic Mice

A total bustle of magnetic mice - for various applications
Author: Michel Giacomelli, Liège, Belgium, [email protected]
Online since: 06/03/2008, Number of visits: 243148
In my free time I like to practice wood turning. With my friend Christian Dalimier, a furniture restorer, I created a whole family of magnetic mice.
The "Minis" and "Maxis" can be used for all kinds of decorative purposes.
The "micro" mice can be used to hide any visible screws.
The "Key Chain"-Mice
Where are the magnets? We countersunk and glued various sizes of magnets into the underside of the mice : the S-06-01-N; S-10-01-N, S-10-02-N, S-10-03-N and S-20-10-N.
Next we're going to have to make a few magnetic cats :-).