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Ironing aid

Tight fastening of "difficult" clothing with super magnets
Author: Taisija, Vilnius, Lithuania
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Most ironing boards have a steel frame and therefore attract magnets. You can take advantage of that when you iron the next time.
If you want to iron a "difficult" piece of clothing, like one with many wrinkles, you should pin down certain parts and iron them individually. That works much easier when you use super magnets: Just pin down the piece of clothing on the ironing board with several magnets and then iron it.
I use S-25-07-N disc magnets.
These discs stick very well - the handling would probably by easier with S-12-06-N discs or something similar.
Magnets with gold coating are not suitable as they can leave marks on the clothing.
You must not get too close to the magnets while ironing, because the heat can damage them (see FAQ What temperatures can magnets withstand?).