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Jewellery with magnets and iron filings

Cool jewellery collection with filings and gemstones
Author: Forma Design & Jewellery, M. Marzotto, Noale, Italy
Online since: 08/10/2009, Number of visits: 188449
I use your Supermagnete and iron filings for my jewellery collection. What's fascinating is the fact that the rings keep changing slightly as the iron filings rearrange themselves in the magnetic field. Also, the filings are soft to the touch on your hand. I'd like to introduce three of my pieces without disclosing the exact manufacturing process:
For this ring with gold pieces I used many iron filings as well as a R-27-16-05-N ring magnet.
For this ring with pearls and silver finger piece I used a Q-15-15-03-N block magnet.