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Key tree

A gnarly oak branch as magnetic key holder
Author: C. T., Schwerte, Germany
Online since: 19/12/2012, Number of visits: 155106

Gnarly oak branch as decoration

Some time ago I found a unique oak branch in the forest. I removed the weathered wood from it with a wire branch and knew already then that I wanted to hang it up somewhere in the flat. Your website introduced me to different magnet applications. When I put in an order I received samples of cube magnets W-05-N, which turned out to be perfect for transforming my branch into a "key rack."

Embedding the magnets

With a 6-mm drill, I drilled a total of 8 holes in the branch. The sizes were just right since the magnets fit in tightly even without glue. I used wood glue to embed the cube magnets in the holes and sprinkled some drill dust over it, which made the glue all but invisible.

Key holder with all keys in one place

I spread out the magnets so the keys wouldn't overlap. Even key rings full of rings hang up there. That's how strong the magnets are!
Meanwhile, our key holder is decoratively mounted in the hallway next to the front door. When you leave you just pick up the keys and when you return you hang them right back up - no more searching for keys.
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • The indicated holding power of 1,1 kg for cube magnets refers to the maximum adhesive force vertically. In this case, the keys hang on the magnets in shear direction, which means they have significantly less holding power than 1,1 kg. Please review our FAQ about shear force.
  • Most keys are not magnetic but adhere to magnets thanks to their iron key rings.
  • If you don't feel like DIY, you can find magnetic key holders in our shop:

    Go to key holders

Version with standing birch branch

Addition from customer Patrik Munzinger from Switzerland:
Another possibility is putting up a decorative birch branch in the hallway with embedded rod or disc magnets. This way you have a larger area you can use for keys.

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