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Knife rack

Strong wall mount for knives, so quality knives don't rub against each other
Author: Marc Rieger, Donzdorf, Germany
Online since: 16/02/2009, Number of visits: 294712
I used super magnets to make a magnetic wooden rack (33 cm long, 25 mm wide, 25 mm thick) for my good kitchen knives.
I drilled 10 holes of 20 mm diameter and about 20 mm depth in the back of the rack (the deeper the hole the better the adhesive force of the magnets).
Then I glued 10 disc magnets S-20-10-N in the holes.
I mounted the rack on the kitchen wall with screws and, only then, did I attach the knives!
Each knife is held by two magnets. That works great and the knives won't get dull as they would in a drawer, where they rub against each other! Furthermore, the home-made knife rack is also perfect for displaying the knives.
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • To avoid accidents, always use strong magnets with a very high adhesive force when mounting sharp objects.
  • Another interesting project is the Designer knife block.