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Levitating surfboard

An unparalleled superconductor railway
Author: Alain Sacuto , Marie Aude Méasson, Yann Gallais, Maximilien Cazayous, France
Online since: 24/11/2011, Number of visits: 353575
This customer application was THE surprise of the year for us! We published various customer applications on the topic Superconductor before, but they dealt with relatively small railways that made very light trains levitate. This project, however, is sensational: This "surfboard" can hold over 100 kg and still floats 3 cm above the magnetic railway! It was the main attraction at the scientific exhibition of the University Paris Diderot - the pictures and videos speak for themselves!
A railway of strong neodymium magnets made this possible. The magnets were custom-ordered from supermagnete.de, measuring 60 x 30 x 25 mm. These impressive block magnets can be viewed in the Making-Of video, starting at 0:25.
Concept: Alain Sacuto , Marie Aude Méasson, Yann Gallais, Maximilien Cazayous, Laboratoire Matériaux et phénomènes Quantique, Université Paris Diderot
Pictures and movie: Alain Monclin&Eric Descarprentri, Université Paris Diderot

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