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Magnetic Cows

Nice and friendly cow sculptures with a magnetic touch
Author: VanLuc, Arromanches, France
Online since: 18/04/2008, Number of visits: 196476
VanLuc was born in 1959 and now works and lives in Arromanches (Normandy).
He uses the cow motive as a continuously renewable symbol, a kind of graphical guiding theme to his work. The cow - a likeable and well-known animal - figures in hundreds of his pieces: pictures, sculptures and graphics...
Elaborated in various colors and shapes, the « Vache de... » open a dialogue with the observer and demand attention through their playful and pleasing charisma as well as their obvious or perhaps not-so-obvious message. A touch of humor always plays a part in the work.
This extraordinary artist has also used some of our super magnets to create particularly beautiful sculptures.
Cow Box
Cow Box
This cow sculpture is held to the cover of the rusting steel box by magnets. The box is both the packaging as well as the pedestal for the sculpture.
Magnet Cow
Magnet Cow
Also this cow 'La vache de VanLuc' with loosely arranged magnets is an original creation. Further pictures can be found on the artist's website VanLuc
Exhibition of a cow sculpture by VanLuc during the Cannes Shopping Festival in January 2008. The contours of the sculpture are fit with magnets.