Magnetic Pencil

No more pencil searching!
Author: Peter Märki, Hombrechtikon, Switzerland
You will need:
Lay the magnet on the table, stick the pencil inside the ring, finished!
If you use natural wood pencils you won't have the problem of rubbing the paint off.
This doesn't work equally well for all brands of pencils as different manufacturers make pencils of different diameters. If necessary, you may have to file down the pencil end for the ring magnet to fit.
Afterwards you can attach the pencil horizontally to a piece of metal (like a table leg, as shown here) ...
... or even vertically.
You'll never need to search for your pencil again!
If you don't want to buy the pencil and the magnet separately, you can purchase the complete magnetic pencil as well as many other cool products at
Additional advantage: The shopping list can be fastened on the fridge with the pencil. Great idea - and so simple!
Another advantage: your shopping list can be held with the magnetic pencil directly on the refrigerator! A great idea, and so simple!

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