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Magnetic Tangram

Tangram made of magnetic sheet to play on whiteboard or magnetic board
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland, [email protected]
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The classic Chinese Tangram turns into a practical magnet game. The cute and colourful characters are also quite the eye-catcher on a dark magnetic or whiteboard.
Our video demonstrates how you can easily make your own Tangram puzzle. The written instructions are further down below.

Materials needed

  • Magnetic sheet MS-A4 in different colours (here pink, purple and grey)
  • Pencil or coloured pencil
  • Sharp scissors or cutter knife
  • Tangram template made of paper or cardboard
Cut the paper or cardboard template (can be found in arts and crafts books or on the Internet).
Place a template piece on the magnetic sheet and carefully trace it with a pencil. If you plan on cutting out several Tangrams, we recommend using a cardboard template.
Cut. Tip: For the two small triangles, just cut two squares and then cut them in half.
And the Tangram is ready to go.
Templates for Tangram animals can be found on the Internet. Or come up with your own figures.