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Magnetic wall made of old floppy disks

A magnetic board with a rainbow effect
Author: F. D., Hannover, Germany
Online since: 30/01/2013, Number of visits: 452715

Floppy disks turn into magnetic wall

I stumbled over a bunch of old 3,5" floppy disks that no one needs anymore. I didn't want to throw them away, so I was trying to find a decorative use for them. What can you do with obsolete floppy disks? For instance, make magnetic walls to rid yourself of your paper mess. The round swivels on the disks are magnetic, but not the protective cover. But you can also use the latter for pinning paper under them. The magnetic wall is especially suitable for hanging up small items like tickets, business cards, shopping lists or appointment cards. So far, I've received nothing but compliments for my creation and people even asked for something similar for their birthdays or Christmas.

Arranging the disks

Here is how I set up the magnetic wall:
  1. Disassemble disks (dispose of retaining spring and data carrier or use them otherwise)
  2. Insert colourful paper
  3. Reassemble disks without the spring and data carrier
  4. Apply super glue in the corners
  5. Attach to thick cardboard with double-sided adhesive

Magnetic glass nuggets

The wall was finished. Now the only thing missing were magnets. I used 25 coloured glass nuggets and glued them with UHU MAX REPAIR onto small magnets. Especially well work small disc magnets S-06-02-N for that purpose.
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