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Man Overboard!

No one is too small for being worth a rescue!
Author: Wolfgang Horbens, Cottbus, Germany
Online since: 03/04/2008, Number of visits: 319523
Wolfgang Horbens sends us this dramatic use of our super magnets:
SOS ... SOS ... a sailor on the fire drenching boat FLB 40 has fallen overboard during a large-scale operation. A crane immediately drops a life raft in the water to begin the rescue.
The life raft should save the sailor and bring him back to the boat or to the shore.
The life raft is fitted with a diametrically magnetised rod magnet S-04-10-DN on either side and the sailor wears a magnetic disc S-15-03-N on his chest and on his back.
When the life raft swims by (within approximately 4cm of the sailor), the sailor is automatically pulled to the raft and attached magnetically to it. The rescue is successful!
By the way - we have to admit - the boats are all remote controlled from the safety of the shore. :-)

Mobile model man

Addition by Paulo Capelo from Portugal:
In order to attach little figurines on a model boat so that they stand securely but are not glued down, disc magnets 3 x 1 mm glued on or into the foot of the little man with two-component adhesive work great. Other such magnets can be attached as inconspicuous counterparts on the ship.

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