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Mobile structure

Magnetic animated installation
Author: Lydia Wilhelm, Switzerland
Online since: 11/10/2013, Number of visits: 342262
© Lydia Wilhelm
© Lydia Wilhelm

Installation "Mobile Structure":

This installation with the name Mobile Structure was "brought to life" by Lydia Wilhelms in 2013.
© Lydia Wilhelm
© Lydia Wilhelm

Materials and measurements

The following materials were used:
  • Wire rods
  • Wire ropes
  • Various metal fittings
  • 2000 small sphere magnets type K-05-C
  • some ring magnets – we chose gold-plated ring magnets type R-06-02-02-G
These materials produced a circumference of approx. 400 x 690 x 200 cm.
© Lydia Wilhelm
© Lydia Wilhelm

Animated construction

The countless linear wire elements are connected with tiny magnets. The result is a mobile net-like structure that grows rampantly and leads to a chaotic formation.
© Lydia Wilhelm
© Lydia Wilhelm

Dynamic change

The very fragile composition shifts and changes through the slightest touch and can even totally collapse. Thanks to magnetism and gravity, new arrangements and compositions arise constantly.
© Lydia Wilhelm
© Lydia Wilhelm

Lydia Wilhelms Werke

You can admire more of her work at www.lydiawilhelm.ch.

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