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Model making with magnets

Assembly - Presentation - Storage
Author: Gilles Sorlin, Lyon, France
Online since: 21/10/2013, Number of visits: 439577

Model making with super magnets

As a professional modeller and model maker, I often fall back on the services of super magnets.

Models of miniature machines

Recently, I had to build hundreds of models of blood analysis machines. A selection of this impressive amount can be seen on the picture.

Magnets on models

I equipped all of them with disc magnets on the bottom side.

Purpose of the magnets

The reason being that the models should interconnect and stick to a sloped metal presentation surface.

Magnet testing

Tests helped me discover that I needed magnets with an adhesive force between 800 and 3200 g (depending on the weight of the individual modules) for my project. Hence, I primarily needed the following magnets:

Ferromagnetic base surface

It was important to consider that the adhesive force of the magnets always depends on the metal base surface that is used. Therefore, I carried out the tests on the surface that I would later use for the exhibit.

Firm model storage

I even equipped the storage drawers with a thin metal plate to which the models adhere firmly and they remain in place.

My website

You can follow my work on my website: www.gilles-sorlin.com