Modular mobile magnet bar

You can assemble this counter almost arbitrarily
Author: Hubert Mussack,, Telfs, Austria
Everyone wants to be at the bar counter, but only the first row can be tended to! Bar owners are familiar with this problem: The first row doesn't make room for other patrons to be able to order drinks. Here is a solution: A mobile bar with enlarged surface area.
I developed and built a mobile, easy-to-assemble and changeable bar counter. The counter consists of a series of arched pieces that can be assembled in a wave shape for instance.

Flexible & sturdy hold thanks to pot magnets

In order to connect the individual pieces, I used your pot magnets CSN-32. I had counterparts of metal made (alternative: screw-on metal disks MD-34 or MSD-33) to bind the individual units together without screws, clamps or anything else, just the magnets (4 x 30 kg tensile force).
Here a 5-piece bar model for the local city hall.


  • Assembly doesn't require any tools.
  • If people get rough (say a bar fight breaks out), the bar modules separate and are less likely to get damaged.
  • The modules can be stored and transported on a space-saving pallet - a 22 m bar counter takes up only 2 m2 storage space.
Here you see two elements assembled that create an elegant and almost round bar.
Here is a 6-piece model - that makes 12 m bar counter! For the organizer every metre of bar is important because it translates into more revenue.
The outer circumference of an individual bar module is 247 cm.
A flexible bar counter in a gym. Here you can take advantage of the maximum length of 22 m (=10 bar modules).
You can find more information about this magnetic bar at

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