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Presentation at the "Suitcase Market"

Present arts and crafts at the Suitcase Market
Author: Katharina Knöpfel, Freienstein, Switzerland
Online since: 19/08/2015, Number of visits: 135539

Visiting the Suitcase Market

I stuffed my suitcase with these hanging and standing figurines and went to the Suitcase Market. Visitors enjoyed my art pieces. In order to make them stand out, I used your super magnets.

1. Hanging up a box

I wanted to hang up small wooden boxes like these (8 x 8 x 7 cm) on the sheet metal behind.
For that purpose, I glued a small iron plate to the backside of the box and placed 2 flat block magnets on it. Later I was able to move the magnets around or exchange them for other magnets. Thanks to the magnets the boxes also adhere to iron nails in walls or wooden planks.

2. Hanging up figurines

I attached floating figurines to a steel panel with small hook magnets.
That turned out to be a great solution as well. I can move the figurines around whenever I need to without drilling or gluing.

3. Setting up figurines

I used countersunk pot magnets to set up figurines by gluing a thin wire on them with UHU MAX REPAIR. Thanks to the magnets the figurines also adhere well to fridges.