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Pruning saw on the belt

Thanks to the pruning saw on the belt, your hands are free while climbing
Author: Miguel Angel Arévalo, Madrid, Spain
Online since: 06/11/2008, Number of visits: 226147
I trim trees professionally, and it bothers me that I have to put my saw aside to get branches out of the way. A few seconds later I have to pick it up again. When I am working several meters above the ground, I cannot put the saw down anyway without it dropping to the ground. So, I thought of good application for one of your magnets.
I screwed a countersunk pot magnet type CSN-25 into one of the loops on my safety belt. That works pretty well: The magnet is strong enough to keep the saw in place while I have to hold on to a branch for instance. Still, I can detach the saw with a strong yank when I need it.
Too bad aluminum is not magnetic; otherwise I could use magnets to attach my carabiners to the belt.