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Removable toilet seat for the motorhome

Attaching a toilet seat with magnets
Author: Georg K., Kalkar
Online since: 03/07/2023, Number of visits: 13876

I threw the entire plastic bathroom assembly of our camper van out because we wanted a dry separating toilet. Then I fashioned a magnetic toilet seat out of wood and magnets for the new camper toilet. Thanks to the magnetic attachment solution, the toilet seat can be removed for cleaning and reattached in no time at all.

Wooden toilet seat

First, I copied the measurements and outline of the separating insert between the phenolic plywood and the toilet seat. With my CNC milling machine, I fabricated a “special” toilet seat and lid from beautiful wood. Then I milled out holes for four disc magnets type S-30-07-N on the underside of the toilet seat, one on each side of the seat. In order for the magnets to fit flush, I made holes with a diameter of 30 mm and a depth of 7 mm.
To prevent the lid from rattling while driving, I also embedded a disc magnet towards the front of the lid.
Tip: During the milling process, make sure the holes in the toilet seat and in the lid are positioned flush on top of each other when closed. Also, before glueing the magnets, check that they attract and don’t repel each other.

Phenolic plywood mounting

I attached the toilet seat to the built-in phenolic resin-coated plywood. For that, I cut four holes for the magnets into the phenolic plywood, matching the placement in the toilet seat, and glued in disc magnets type S-30-07-N.
Note: Here too, check in advance that you glue the magnets with the right side up.
Note from the supermagnete team:
When you fit the magnets into the motorhome toilet, consider their poles so that the magnets don’t repel one another. For example, if both north poles point towards each other, the magnets will repel one another. Start by attaching the magnets to the phenolic plywood and then test which way you have to insert the magnets into the toilet seat. This also applies to the magnet in the toilet lid.

The finished result

Now, if I want to completely remove the insert of the dry toilet for cleaning, I can do so effortlessly, thanks to the magnets.
The eight magnets are perhaps a little oversized, but they keep everything firmly in place. The finished result looks great!
Note from the supermagnete team:
Neodymium magnets are susceptible to chemicals and water. Therefore, protect the disc magnets from corrosion and rust with anti-rust paint or clear lacquer.

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