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Save the date magnets

Your wedding's coming up! Let your guests know and send them save the date magnets
Author: supermagnete, Uster, Switzerland
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With magnetic save the date cards or stickers, you absolutely meet the current trends in wedding preparations. Guests are informed in advance about the upcoming wedding celebration and can enjoy a small card on the fridge.
Save the date cards, whether self-made or ordered from a print shop, can quickly and easily be converted into refrigerator magnets. For this purpose we recommend self-adhesive disc magnets or self-adhesive magnetic sheet. Takkis, our self-adhesive magnetic discs, are also suitable for save the date cards.
To attach disc magnets and Takkis, simply remove the protective film from the glue adhesive and press the magnets firmly onto the card. Depending on the weight of the card one magnet may be sufficient. Test beforehand how many magnets you have to attach to securely stick the card to the fridge.
If you have decided on the variant with the magnetic sheet you can cut it to the size of the card or slightly smaller. Then remove the protective film and press the card firmly onto the adhesive.
Please note that you have to shield the magnets sufficiently if you plan to send them by mail. Otherwise the magnets may damage goods in other letters, such as credit cards, or get stuck in the mail sorting machines. The save the date magnets can easily be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap or protected with styrofoam. Test with a paper clip if the envelope is magnetic on the outside. If this is not the case, you can send the magnets. Further information can be found in our FAQ on the subject of "Mailing".
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