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Save the shaving brush!

A very economic way of hanging up a shaving brush
Author: Christian Bondesson, Teckomatorp, Sweden
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I am a proponent of wet shaving - in my opinion it feels better, it's eco-friendly and economic. The only thing that is not economic is the special hanging solution for the shaving brush. This is necessary so the soft hair won't bend when the brush is laying around all wet.
I can show you a more simple and economic way: I glued a disc magnet onto the topside of my shaving brush.
I have a special mirror cabinet (well, not so special, it's from IKEA...) with an iron bar at the bottom. This is where I hang up my brush head first after shaving.
In this position, foam and hair drip directly into the washbasin and are washed down the drain when you turn on the water. With other hanging solutions, everything lands on the edge of the basin, which makes it look dirty and creates more work.

This application works also with cabinets that don't have an iron bar - in that case, you can
a) just glue a second magnet or a metal object underneath the cabinet and attach a magnet to it.
b) attach a magnet with a suction cup (link below) underneath the cabinet.