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Securing a mushroom knife

A way to keep the knife always within reach when mushroom hunting
Author: Óscar Peña López, Porto do Son, Spain, [email protected]
Online since: 15/02/2010, Number of visits: 72234
Sometimes I go into the woods with a basket and mushroom knife to gather mushrooms. During the search, it is quite impractical to keep the knife loosely inside the basket together with the mushrooms: Firstly, it becomes more and more difficult to find the knife among all the mushrooms, and secondly, the risk of unintentionally reaching for the knife’s blade increases and that can certainly spoil the fun.
I was able to find a good solution using a piece of leather and one of your magnets.

Materials needed:

  • a piece of leather (I used sheepskin)
  • a block magnet type Q-19-13-06-N
  • a piece of strong sewing thread
  • a large needle
  • an awl (for scoring)
  • a boxcutter
  • a fine-tipped marker
  • a ruler


1. Using the ruler and boxcutter, cut the leather into a rectangular shape.

2. Use the marker and ruler to draw lines where the leather will be cut later.
3. Cut the leather on a sturdy surface, as shown in the picture.
4. Poke holes in the wider section of the leather with the awl (this makes it easier to sew afterwards).
5. Sew the leather together on the long side to form a pouch; leave one side open for now.
6. Slide the magnet into the pouch, then firmly sew together on all sides.
7. Use the boxcutter to cut the leather straps on both sides almost but not quite to where the magnet pouch is.
8. Tie the wrapped magnet to the inside of the basket with the leather straps.
Now you can securely attach the large knife or a pocket knife to the inside of the basket. This way, it is always within reach and doesn’t disappear somewhere deep into the basket.
Never search for the knife again!
Never search for the knife again!

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