Separating and merging strong magnets

That's how you can safely separate and merge strong magnets
Author: Martin Dux, Rossens, Switzerland
The handling of strong magnets can be dangerous. Many customers have to grapple with magnets clinging together and they have a hard time separating them again. Therefore, we would like to show you a tried and true method.
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Separating strong magnets

Here, the magnets are not ideally positioned - the edge of the table should actually be exactly under the two magnets!
Here, the magnets are not ideally positioned - the edge of the table should actually be exactly under the two magnets!
1. Move the combined magnets sideways toward the edge of a table. Place one magnet on the table. We concentrate on the overhanging magnet, which shall be pushed off.
2. By all means, put on gloves!!!
3. Hold the magnet on the table tightly and push the wooden edge down on the overhanging magnet.
4. Push evenly and hard until the wedge slowly makes its way between the two magnets.
5. As soon as the resistance becomes a little less, quickly push down the wedge with the magnet. (If you don't hurry up, the couple could reunite in no time and you have to start over again...)
6. Store the magnets at a safe distance from each other until the next use.

Separating flat magnets

Addition from R. C., Cointrin (Switzerland):
I have 2 strong disc magnets, that like to hook up. Getting them apart is rather difficult. I use two tin cans as leverage. First, I place the magnets between the tin cans.
Then, I put one can on the edge of a piece of furniture. I press the second can down. As you can see, it works like a charm.

Separating ring magnets

Addition from Bernard Le Gall, Landerneau (France):
After my last supermagnete purchase I handled my four new ring magnets a little awkwardly and the separating discs slipped out. All my attempts to separate the rings by hand failed. Finally, I fastened the magnets into my vice and tried to detach the magnet on top with a screw driver - with catastrophic consequences!
So, I had to think of a softer method for the remaining three rings. After giving it some thought, I put a protective thick piece of plastic floor cover around the two ring magnets on the bottom. Then, I fastened the whole thing in the vice again. Thereafter, I placed a strong piece of rope around the magnet on top and pulled it off to the side. The magnetic force was considerably weaker this way.
As soon as I pulled it enough to the side, the magnet attached to the clamp jaw of the vice. It was not easy getting the magnet off of it, but clearly easier than yanking on the magnet :-). I quickly put the separating discs on the "freed" magnets to prevent a further tête-à-tête.
I think this method is suitable for other magnet types as well, not just for rings.

Merging strong magnets safely

1. Put one magnet (here disc magnet) on a flat and stable surface. Keep second magnet at a safe distance!
2. Place a thick and flat piece of wood with a wedge on one side flat on the magnet.
3. Hold the wood tightly and carefully put the second magnet from the top down on the wood.
4. Put on thick gloves!
5. Carefully move the top magnet in the direction of the wedge and slowly merge it with the bottom magnet.
This way, the magnets won't be damaged. Magnets can break upon strong collion.
We from supermagnete think: Actually a practical solution - and you don't have to consult the customer service department anymore, when you can't separate your newly purchased darlings! :-)

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