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Sheet music holder

So the notes are not gone with the wind
Author: Arne S., Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Online since: 05/08/2009, Number of visits: 223166
I use magnets to keep my sheet music on the music stand in place. I had this idea because I play in a band. We often play outdoors, and when it gets windy the sheets usually blow away. We already tried to keep them in place with clothes-pegs, but that looks stupid and it doesn't work properly.
Then I came across your website and I instantly had the idea of keeping the sheets in place with small magnets. That looks good and neat (see picture below) and it works really well - since then no more sheets blew away or were bent.
When you fold the music stand, you can leave the magnets on it, because they are so small - clothes-pegs on the other hand would be in the way or fall down. When you want to switch the sheets, you can simply push the magnets aside on the music stand because they hardly take up any space.
Note from the supermagnete-team: The silver block magnets are extremely small and discreet but could be a little difficult to handle in this particular application. We had good results using magnets with knobs: Magnets with plastic cap or magnets with metal handle are easy to grip and reposition, making them the perfect magnets for musicians. Below we’ll show you a selection of suitable magnets from our assortment: