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Small shelves 'iShelves'

Trendy mini shelves for metal surfaces
Author: Simon Gullberg, Linköping, Sweden, [email protected]
Online since: 18/01/2011, Number of visits: 70097
We are three 18-year-old students who took part in a young entrepreneurship course at our school. There, we were given the task of designing, producing and marketing a new product.
Our 'iShelves' products are tiny wooden shelves with embedded disc magnets. They can be attached to refrigerators, range hoods or other metal surfaces.
In this prototype, the edge opposite the magnets is higher than the rest of the shelf. This prevents postcards, photos, etc. that are sitting on the shelf from falling off.
These are three of our prototypes. Each of the shelves should be as narrow as possible and have the highest possible functionality.
The final product will likely also be available with a black or white finish or in different types of wood.
Here is a very simple prototype on which tealights can be placed, for example. In the photo, the shelf is attached to a range hood, but it can, of course, also be placed in far more romantic places such as the inside of a half-full bathtub or on the bathtub faucet. Now you can take a romantic bubble bath with your loved one, beautifully lit by tealights. Or, place a glass of nice red wine on the shelf!
Here, spice jars have been placed on a shelf attached to the range hood so they are within reach when cooking. This is particularly useful when there is no designated space for spices in the kitchen.
Meanwhile, we have gained more experience and mass production of the 'iShelves' in different versions has started. In our latest designs, we have added a metal bracket to prevent the spice jars from falling off.
The wood used here is birch.

With their elegant wooden elements, the magnetic shelves and shelf boxes by the Forster Home brand perfectly complement these homemade wooden shelves:

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