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Sound pick-up for mandolin

A jam session with a mandolin? Yeah, it's possible!
Author: Jesper, Tønder, Denmark
Online since: 21/06/2010, Number of visits: 216469
I doubt that someone came up with the idea before of building a sound pick-up for a mandolin. I did!
I used small rod magnets that I wrapped with thin copper wire. When the metal mandolin strings vibrate on the coils and you connect all that to an amplifier, it results in a great sound!

Required material:

  • a thin piece of wood
  • 4 rod magnets S-03-08-N
  • adhesive, e.g. UHU MAX REPAIR
  • 0,2 mm thick insulated copper wire
  • tin-solder
  • 2 metal plugs
  • 2 pieces of thicker copper wire


1. Drill four 3 mm holes into the wood and glue the four rod magnets into the holes.
2. Wrap the magnets well with copper wire.
3. Glue the two plugs on the wood.
4. Solder the two pieces of thicker copper wire on the top of the plugs.
5. Glue the wood under the mandolin strings.
6. Bring the thicker copper wires together and connect them to the amplifier (in this case via a socket).
You get a really nice sound, even with my old amplifier!
This pick-up should actually work for guitars with steel strings as well, but I didn't try that yet. The mandolin is definitely more original.

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