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Sun protection in the winter garden

Simple protection from summer heat
Author: G. R., France
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We have an old winter garden with a thick glass roof. In the summer it gets intolerably hot and blindingly bright in there, so we don't really use it much.
We didn't have it in our budget to get custom-made sun curtains and it required construction that would have damaged the old wall of our house. So, all in all, not a good solution.
That's how the idea of using magnets came about.
We attached a large white sheet to the inside of the roof with 45 large Q-19-13-06-N block magnets. Thanks to the metal cross beams this was a walk in the park, although the sheet weighs about 10 kg!
... and after
... and after
Now we can use our winter garden also in the summer. It doesn't heat up as much and we are not blinded by the sun anymore.
We are really happy with the result and glad that we found such an economic alternative to sun curtains!
Note from the supermagnete team: Continued outdoor use (here: in the unheated winter garden) can cause neodymium magnets to rust. It would be better to use rubberised neodymium magnets (link below).