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Untangle cables

Finally no more cable clutter!
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Table of Contents

Magnetic cable organizer (vertical)

Idea from customer Markus Laire from Finland:
You can use the bottom side of a shelf to properly hang up cables: Just attach one or more strips of self-adhesive metal tape to the bottom of a shelf, press on firmly, and place discreet white magnetic hooks on the tape. Now you can beautifully sort and hang up your cables.
Note from the supermagnete team:
Addition by Andreas zum Winkel from Germany:
Thanks to a bookend, 2 screws and 6 small pot magnets with hook I was able to end my cable mess in the drawers. I screwed the bookend top down to the desk and attached the hook magnets.
Now you can loop the cable through the hooks. A simple and practical solution.
Neodymium rod magnets also come in handy with bookends. You can easily attach USB plugs to them.

Magnetic cable organizer (horizontal)

Addition from customer G.C. from Switzerland:
I have an external screen and a mouse that I can connect with my laptop. But I often have my laptop in my bag, which leaves cable clutter on my desk (4 different cables).
In order to change that I placed W-05-N cube magnets along the stem of my metal desk lamp. Now, I can attach almost every cable to a cube magnet (see picture below).
Only the Internet cable is not magnetic, so I cut off the tip of a paper clip and attached it to the Internet cable with some adhesive tape. Now, also the Internet cable adheres to a magnet.

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