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Vertical play road

These vehicles defy gravity
Author: Bettina Höhn, Bonstetten, Switzerland
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Due to some remodeling we had to raggle the wall of my son's bedroom from floor to ceiling and then brick it up again. Since I didn't have the same wall paint anymore, I used grey magnetic paint to paint a road on the wall.
With Araldite, we glued magnets of various sizes to some of our son's cars and the traffic light.
We used 1 or 2 Q-05-2.5-1.5-HN for the smaller ones and S-05-02-N52N for the bigger and heavier cars.
Our son, his sister and friends have a lot of fun with the vertical road. When our son gets bigger, he can use the magnetic strip as a memo board.
Danger: Small children can swallow magnets, which - in the worst case - can be fatal! Please watch children when playing with magnets. Make sure the magnets stick securely to the vehicles and can't be taken off by hand.
Please make sure you review our safety tip.