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Wind protection for dog

A windproof spot for dog "Ambra"
Author: Fabio, Italy
Online since: 23/12/2010, Number of visits: 344023
Winter is here again - and again it's freezing cold outside. "Ambra", my German shepard, has her "bed" on the bottom of my outside stairs. I have to barricade my entry gate every winter to make sure she won't get too cold. Last year I tried a wooden construction, but that was neither visually appealing nor windproof.
This year I built a wooden frame for the gate and attached an acetate pane for wind protection. To make sure it stays on tightly and is still easy to remove I used super magnets.
After building the frame I drilled 5 mm deep holes with a diameter of 8 mm into the wooden frame. Due to the drill bit the holes were slightly deeper than 5 mm, so had a little more room for the adhesive.
I put some UHU MAX REPAIR into the holes and placed a S-08-05-N disc magnet in each (see below).

The new frame fits perfectly on the iron bars of the gate and protects "Ambra" from even strong winds. The tenant seems very pleased with the result (see picture at the bottom)!

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